• E-Liquid

    Hygienic, certified quality mobile vessel gives international E-Liquid manufacturer’s
    production complete peace of mind

  • The Challenge

    The request of our customer in Canada was:

    1.  To mix E-Liquid & oils (in a 100L vessel)

    2. To ensure the highest pharmaceutical standards, to avoid any risks of cross-contamination

    3. To provide a guarantee about the grade of stainless steel used

    The Solution

    The 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel 100L mixing vessel (pictured below), includes three 8L satellite vessels on top, from which the component parts of the customer’s product are drip-fed into the main container. It also features a water-jacketed base for heating or cooling the products as they blend, with a hygienic tri-clamp outlet valve for decanting once the product mixing is complete.

    For ingestible products such as E-Liquids, a hygienic manufacturing process is paramount; the underside of this vessel was designed to be dished in shape, so that any product drips will drain to the side rather than pooling, which would have been unhygienic. The surface roughness finish of this container is 0.4 micrometers RA,
    as it is with all of PHP containers, and certification was provided to verify the grade of material (using X-ray testing), as well as a TSE certificate to confirm that no animal fats were used for the surface polishing.

    The mobile frame surrounding the vessel ensures that our customer’s production arrangement can be easily adapted, while the viewing portal that was included for the operator allows simple, instant visual checking of our customer’s mixing whilst it is in-progress.

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