• FARMERS’ Welsh Lavender Ltd

    “Outstandingly efficient customer service and support”
    Artisan manufacturer FARMERS’ recommends Adelphi

  • Adelphi Manufacturing customer FARMERS’ Welsh Lavender Ltd are the only distiller of lavender oil in Wales, and proudly farm their lavender on a windswept hillside North of the Breacon Beacons. Alongside their trademark oil, they manufacture lavender-inspired bodycare products, including creams, lotions, scrubs, washes and more.

    Exponential Growth

    Welsh Lavender have come a long way from their humble beginnings in 2003, when owner Nancy Durham planted her first lavender field; they now employ ten members of staff at their home site, all with a passion for the products and their local area. Welsh Lavender products are now stocked in 140 shops in the UK and abroad, as far afield as Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

    Adelphi Manufacturing are proud to have been able to facilitate this journey; in 2012, when Nancy was ready to take the plunge and investigate the first steps into automation, she discovered Adelphi via an internet search engine, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Nancy stressed that finding a trusted UK manufacturer was “a real priority” in the search for a machine to fill her products, to ensure that prompt servicing and maintenance would always be available.

    Working Smoothly From Day 1

    Adelphi Manufacturing’s Sales Director was pleased to recommend the Response Benchtop Filler to suit Welsh Lavender’s requirements, as it is quick to calibrate to different volumes of product; Nancy is filling aluminium and plastic jars in volumes from 30ml to 150ml, as well as bottles of up to 300ml. The Response is quick to assemble and clean, meaning that changing between products is as easy as possible and production downtime is kept to a minimum. This, enthuses Nancy, was “a great first step” for a business the size of Welsh Lavender. She says that the machine “was working smoothly from day one”, and fondly describes it now as “like an old friend”, as indeed Adelphi has become to Welsh Lavender.

    The “outstandingly efficient customer service and support” was something that, for Nancy, set Adelphi apart. “I never feel that my questions aren’t valued, and it’s never like a hassle”, she said.

    “Without hesitation, I would enthusiastically recommend Adelphi Manufacturing to a contact!”

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