• Fragrance & Essential Oils

    Guaranteed durability, for production peace of mind 24/7

  • The Challenge

    An international Fragrance & Essential Oils manufacturer need extremely high quality, durable storage and transportation containers, which can be flexibly used to receive product formulations as they pass through their filling machines; sit underneath mixers while products are blended; and act as a product feed-tank from which the finished oils are filled into customers’ vessels. Production runs varying in size from 1 kilo of a customer’s pre-production product up to 50 kilo orders, so the containers help keep track of orders.

    The Solution

    Pharma Hygiene Products etch a box onto all their containers, so operators know where to place formulation stickers. Other modifications include handles for ease of pouring, and special wheeled mobile frames to reduce noise on their warehouse floor; key to ensuring a positive working environment for valued employees.

    The customer is a leading international creator and manufacturer of fragrances, essential oils and natural extracts. They have emerged in recent years as one of the industry’s most dynamic and influential companies, with a specialist team including perfumers and technical experts in the field.

    Hygienic Stainless Steel Containers for Fragrance & Essential Oils Manufacturing

    Durable & Hygienic

    According to the company’s Director, “stainless steel containers, rather than lower grade metal or plastic, are crucial”, as they remove the worry about damage, deterioration or corrosion, which could compromise their products. The full range of PHP’s pharmaceutical grade stainless steel process equipment is designed to be pit and crevice free, to avoid bug traps, and these containers have a surface finish roughness average of 0.4 micrometers Ra. Cleaned in an industrial washer…

    A Positive Environmental Statement

    These stainless steel containers are not only easier to decontaminate than plastic process equipment, they are vastly more reusable. Stainless steel also represents a more environmentally conscious statement for businesses, as making stainless steel takes around 6-15MJ (1665 to 4170 watt-hours) of energy, whereas making plastics takes on average 62-108MJ (17200 to 31950 watt-hours).

    Quick Delivery; No Production Downtime

    “Our production never stops”, says the company Director. “We continue overnight, and keep a supply of extra PHP containers to ensure we are prepared for anything; our production is never hand-to-mouth”. Vessels are available off-the-shelf, with quick delivery times worldwide. The company now own an inestimable number of PHP containers in sizes from 8L to 150L, which are visible as far as the eye can see in their warehouse!

    No-False Economy

    “Although we pay a premium up front [for PHP’s high grade equipment], in the long-term it’s a sound investment”, enthuses the Director. “We have deviated to another supplier in the past who were cheaper, but we found that the quality was not as good.”

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