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    KDR Resin Systems Trebles Productivity using Adelphi Masterfil Machinery

  • KDR Resin Systems is a highly regarded manufacturer of seamless resin floor and wall and coving solutions, for all industrial and commercial sectors. Production Director Richard Adams discusses his business’ relationship with Adelphi Masterfil

    When production requirements grew, repairing our old existing filler “wasn’t worth it!” laughs Richard – “we needed to buy new, and found Adelphi Masterfil through a simple Google search”.

    After initially investing in one S5000-S semi-automatic filler, KDR Resin Systems now utilise a total of three at their busy West Midlands production facility:

    -1 dedicated to filling Epoxy Resins

    -1 dedicated to filling Isocyanates

    -1 dedicated to filling Amines

    Application-Specific Features to Precisely Meet Requirements

    Two of these machines have integrated custom backwash tanks, to counteract the dying effect which the chemical products have on the machines. “I spoke to Andy, and we came up with the idea between ourselves,” says Richard of the collaboration.

    Other modifications have included swapping UPVC tubing to rubber and wire tubing, which is more resilient.

    Quantifiable Productivity Improvements

    “Previously we were filling our isocyanates by hand, at a rate of around 60 units per hour. We now fill between 200-300 per hour – trebling our output!” says Richard.

    “Our high viscosity epoxy resin product can be filled at a rate of 100 – 300 per hour – we have one operator performing 2 jobs in this time, capping one container as the next is being filled.”

    Generally KDR Resin Systems have their machines running eight hours per day, five days per week, on containers ranging from 1.1KG to 15.6KG! The S5000-S machines can fill up to 30L using multi-shot functionality. Richard’s team uses four multishots to fill their largest containers, as it is the most economical option for his production – utilising one machine to fill all his container sizes.

    High Quality Customer Service

    “The service is spot on!” says Richard, particularly naming Sales Manager Andy, and Service Engineers Paul and Mark as outstanding contributors. For remote troubleshooting of minor issues, Richard says “Paul is great, he helps me over the phone and via video call.

    Would I recommend Adelphi Masterfil? “Yes totally – everything is good for us!”

    Adelphi Masterfil’s S5000-S semi-automatic filling machines are available as single and twin-head specifications.

    Watch a video of a twin-head model in-action here >>>

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