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    The ProFiller 1100 “is worth every penny and completely pays itself back – it’s changed my life”

  • Pharma Hygiene Products (PHP) customer Lucy Jones of Myrobalan Clinic is medical herbalist, dedicated to improving her clients’ quality of life using holistic medicine. As well being a passionate advocate of self-sufficient herbalism, she is also a newly designated PHP Ambassador, since discovering the Profiller 1100 capsule filler! PHP’s Sales Director and Marketing Exec sat down with Lucy recently over cups of home-brewed lemon and ginger tea, to discuss tinctures, treatments and all things capsule-filling…

    Rewarding First Steps into Automation

    After being taught hand-filling by her Medical Herbalism tutor, Lucy opened her own consultation and treatment practice from her home in Cattistock, West Dorset. “Business got busy very quickly”, Lucy reminisces. “When I got to the stage of making and dispensing up to 800 capsules a day by hand, I knew I had to find a more efficient solution.”

    After discovering Pharma Hygiene Products via an internet search, Lucy got in contact to request a quote for the Profiller 1100 capsule filler. She was initially hesitant, as “this was a significant investment for a business of my size”, but when a grateful client offered to fund the purchase, the decision was made! “I was so embarrassed and grateful, she wrote me a cheque then and there”, Lucy remembers. “She told me; you saved my life, I want you to have this. Ironically, in reality, she’s now saved mine!”

    “If I’d have known how positive it would have been, I never would have hesitated.
    It’s worth every penny, and completely pays itself back. It’s changed my life – I’m not run ragged anymore!”

    The Profiller 1100 is a semi-automatic benchtop machine, which allows Lucy’s capsules to retain her personal touch, while improving the efficiency of her production. She is now making her capsules in batches of 500-600, which allows for time flexibility around her busy schedule of appointments. Batches of this size means that the ingredients are always fresh, and Lucy can be instantly responsive to the needs of her customers.

    Growth Without Compromising
    Business Values

    Myrobalan Clinic has now grown even further; when a house move brought Lucy to the picturesque town of Castle Cary in Somerset, she bit the bullet, decided that her business had developed enough to move out of the home, and took premises in the town’s charming high street. Lucy treats patients using her unique approach, which combines the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Medicine with the rich tradition of Western Herbal Medicine.

    Her tailor-made tinctures and capsules are created using ingredients grown at Lucy’s home and allotment, as well as some which she forages from the beautiful local countryside. Indeed, 75% of all the ingredients she uses are sourced from within 2 miles of Myrobalan Clinic! Pharma Hygiene Products also place a high value on local sourcing; their recently extended Machine Shop has brought the manufacturing of more and more parts in-house, which drastically reduces the carbon footprint of deliveries.

    Pharma Hygiene Products and Myrobalan Clinic also share a keen focus on producing only the highest quality products. “Cheaper alternative capsule fillers just don’t do the same job – so many other herbalists complain about having to make their capsules”, Lucy laughs. “But the Profiller 1100 is a beautiful piece of engineering, and worth the money!”


    The future looks extremely bright for Lucy; she is currently taking bookings at the clinic 6-8 weeks in advance – with customers coming from as far afield as Scotland and France – and has recently taken on a new assistant. Her new book, Self-Sufficient Herbalism, in which she mentions the Profiller, is being published by in April 2020, and already has an impressive pre-order rate. “I had a real yearning to write the book,” says Lucy. “Most practitioners buy their medicines in, but I think more people should make their own! I put my love, energy and intentions into my capsules.”

    Although the book was a true labour of love and Lucy had been willing to self-publish, publishers soon began reaching out to her, offering their services. She has already scheduled a book launch in LA, and intends to take her Profiller 1100 with her to demonstrate just how accessible self-sufficient herbalism can be. “I’m really happy to be able to share this precious and traditional knowledge. It’s heartwarming to think that my book will help others along the path of self-sufficient herbalism, whether they’re practitioners, students, herbal product manufacturers or herb growers,” Lucy says.

    Pharma Hygiene Products are proud to be part of Lucy’s amazing journey, and excited to see what the future holds.

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