• Riviera Drinks

    Neck Locator Adaptation Enables “Greatly Increased” Filling of Bag-in-Box Drink Syrups

  • Riviera Drinks is one of the fastest growing soft-drinks dispense companies in the UK, with a vast and varied customer base ranging from community pubs to national nightclub chains, from fast-food restaurants to exclusive gastro-pubs, and from huge 24-hour casinos to seasonal holiday parks!

    Their range of high quality drink syrups includes Cola, Diet Cola, Lemonade, Energy, Tonic, Orange Juice and Cranberry.

    Director Andrew Howe discusses his fortuitous discovery of Adelphi Masterfil, and the operational benefits generated by their new semi-automatic filling machine…

    Complete Investment Confidence

    “When we needed to increase our production output, I investigated several suppliers and solutions, including second-hand options,” he says.

    After discovering Adelphi Masterfil “via an internet search”, Andrew was put in touch with Adelphi Masterfil’s Northern Sales Manager, Andy Clark. Andy was pleased to recommend the S5000-S semi-automatic filling machine as the best solution to meet Riviera Drinks’ operational and output requirements.

    Andy also organised a visit to another Adelphi Masterfil customer, so that Andrew could see the machine in-action for himself. “I decided that the Masterfil machine suited our needs,” Andrew remembers.

    The Adelphi Masterfil S5000-S at a glance:

    •High precision, exceptional filling accuracy of ± 0.2% reduces product waste.
    •Get started immediately; quick set-up, with no pumps and no extra cleaning. Self-priming and self-pumping.
    •An average of 300 – 720 containers per hour: up to 5,760 per 8 hour shift.
    •Choose from ‘rise whilst filling’ or ‘fill into neck’ nozzle movements, to prevent foaming and increase throughput.
    •Stock machines significantly reduce the delivery time compared to the industry average.

    Custom Features to Precisely Meet Requirements

    Adelphi Masterfil’s experienced technical team created a custom neck locator with tighter tolerance, to enable the plastic container top to ‘clip’ into place and hold, whilst the free-moving bag inside the static box is filled.

    Watch a video of the machine in-action 

    The Verdict

    An immediate increase in filling speeds allows Riviera Drinks to fill three different types of syrup into 10L bag-in-box containers.

    “The speed of filling was greatly increased. [The] purchase and whole process was great – no problems. Andy was very good with lots of communication throughout.”

    Would Andrew recommend Adelphi Masterfil as a supplier? “YES!”

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