• UPL Europe Ltd

    Modernising production and increasing output for high-performance agrochemicals manufacturer UPL


  • Formulation and manufacturing of high performance agrochemicals; primarily herbicides.
    An interview with Mr Vivek Vaidya – Industrial Director, UPL Europe Ltd.

    Modernised Technology

    With UPL’s high quality reputation and proven product portfolio resulting in exponentially increasing output demands, in 2020 the time was right – to invest to progress.

    Two fully automated filling lines – incorporating Adelphi Masterfil S5000-A & S5000-A ATEX fillers – were requested, to replace an old machine from another supplier which could no longer keep up.

    “The Adelphi Masterfil machines are more modern, intuitive and easy to get on with” says Vivek. “Between them, they are filling 1L, 5L and 10L containers. Our ‘Day 1’ product in 5L containers is now being filled exclusively on the S5000-A machine.”

    Optimised Efficiency

    The meticulously organised UPL production site is now filling 16,000L in each 8 hour shift;

    – “downstream machines can’t keep up with any faster!”
    – “Changeover between product-to-product is an easy job. Changeovers can be scheduled anywhere from 2 days to 1 month into a filling cycle, so this is vital.”
    – “There is a lot more output and accuracy compared with the old machines.”

    Robust & Reliable

    304 SS construction combined with 316L SS contact parts for superior corrosion resistance. Many of these machines are still fully operational over 30 years later!

    Despite some initial teething problems – “it’s not the snags, it’s how they’re dealt with,” says Vivek – the machines are running smoothly. “Now I can say they are reliable!”

    Many Adelphi Masterfil machines are still fully operational over 30 years after purchase, and we look forward to continuing to support and enhance UPL’s production growth in years to come.

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