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  • How to Improve Drum & IBC Decanting Speeds

    August 11, 2021

    The Adelphi Masterfil Drum Decanting Unit – for the Chemicals & Lubricants Industries

    Adelphi Masterfil Drum Decanting Unit for Chemicals, Additives & Lubricants

    Time-Efficient, High Throughput

    • Fast decanting, using high viscosity variable speed progressive cavity pumps.
    • 4” I/D hose option between nozzle and pump, to optimise pump performance.
    • Decanting pump speed feedback loop, to maximise product flow rate.
    • Suitable for decanting high viscosity additives, typically up to 23,000 cst.
    • Can be configured to decant from either single drums and/or IBC’s.


    Maximise Additive Retrieval, for Greater ROI

    • Drum tilting station and spray cleaning rinse cycle, to optimise additive recovery.
    • Pipework can be air purged, to minimise expensive additive loss.
    • Nozzle wiper and flying drip tray, to improve the amount of retrieval.
    • Manifold inlet option to decant from multiple additives sources.


    Intuitive Operation & Improved Operator Safety

    • Accurate vertical decant/rinse lance movement by SERVO drive.
    • Unique lance design, to effectively decant and rinse sequentially.
    • Nozzle tracking to prevent the nozzle from being immersed too deeply in the product.
    • PLC with HMI on swivel arm for ease of operation.
    • Rinse kettle weight monitoring option, to improve functionality.
    • Mounted on a skid for easy transport and installation.
    • Infeed and outfeed can be automated with a roller conveyor, driven for efficiency and using gravity to save energy.


    Superior Build Quality for Complete Regulatory Compliance

    • 316L stainless steel wetted parts offer exceptional chemical resistance and compliance with regulatory specifications.
    • Compliant with either CE and/or new UKCA regulations.
    • Many of our machines are still fully operational over 30 years after purchase!


    Watch a video of the Drum Decanting Unit in-action >>>


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