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  • Adelphi’s Twelve Days of Christmas

    December 13, 2021

    Twelve Days – Twelve Products – Twelve Christmas Discounts!


    We have a range of items from Adelphi Group of Companies and Pharma Hygiene Products up for grabs at a great price!


    Look out for our daily posts on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to see which items are discounted:

    Day one – Accuramatic and XYZ Filling Machine

    Day Two – Stainless steel trays

    Day Three – OC Ampoule Opener & Closer

    Day Four – Stainless steel buckets

    Day Five – Response Benchtop Filler

    Day Six – Stainless steel churns

    Day Seven –  Apollo II Liquid Viewers

    Day Eight – Stainless steel vessels

    Day Nine – Apollo I Liquid Viewer

    Day Ten – Stainless steel Bowls

    Day Eleven – Stainless steel Jugs

    Day Twelve – Response Automation Base


    Don’t miss out on the Adelphi Group of Companies’ Festive Special offers!

    Email info@adelphi.uk.com for more information

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