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  • Adelphi’s Twelve Days of Christmas

    December 13, 2021

    Twelve Days of Christmas

    Twelve Days – Twelve Products – Twelve Christmas Discounts!

    Festive special offers provide customers with a multitude of benefits that enhance the holiday shopping experience. Firstly, these promotions often present a cost-saving opportunity, allowing customers to make their purchases at discounted rates, thereby stretching their holiday budgets further. The allure of special offers also adds a sense of excitement and urgency, creating a festive atmosphere and encouraging customers to participate in the seasonal shopping spirit. Additionally, these promotions can introduce customers to new products or services they might not have considered otherwise, fostering a sense of discovery. Festive special offers also contribute to customer loyalty, as patrons appreciate and remember the value-added benefits provided during the holiday season. Overall, these promotions not only make holiday shopping more economical for customers but also contribute to the overall joy and satisfaction associated with the festive season.


    We have a range of items from Adelphi Manufacturing and Pharma Hygiene Products up for grabs at a great price!


    Look out for our daily posts on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to see which items are discounted:

    Day one – Accuramatic and XYZ Filling Machine

    Day Two – Stainless steel trays

    Day Three – OC Ampoule Opener & Closer

    Day Four – Stainless steel buckets

    Day Five – Response Benchtop Filler

    Day Six – Stainless steel churns

    Day Seven –  Apollo II Liquid Viewers

    Day Eight – Stainless steel vessels

    Day Nine – Apollo I Liquid Viewer

    Day Ten – Stainless steel Bowls

    Day Eleven – Stainless steel Jugs

    Day Twelve – Response Automation Base


    Don’t miss out on the Adelphi Group of Companies’ Festive Special offers!

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