• ROPP Capping Machine

  • Quick, Efficient & Adaptable

    Simple & Intuitive to Use

    Fits a Wide Range of Cap Sizes


    Product Specification:

    • Specially designed for aluminium ROPP caps.
    • Hygienic, durable stainless steel and aluminium construction.
    • Versatile and easy to use; fully adjustable using a hand wheel.
    • Min/Max bottle height: 20 - 360mm.
    • Min/Max bottle diameter: 5 - 200mm.
    • Min/Max cap diameter: 15 - 50mm.
    • Includes an electrical control panel with emergency stop and isolator, 4 roller capping head, bottle locator, safety guard and safety start buttons.
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    ROPP Capping Machines

    ROPP Cappers are specially designed capping machines suitable for Aluminium ROPP (Roll-On Pilfer Proof) caps.

    As the cap is applied to the bottle the thread is made by the capping head. The metal discs on the rotating capping head form a thread on the aluminium cap and goes under the tamper evident ring. The range of heads are suitable for a variety of sizes and are usually made to measure each size of cap. With the same machine capping heads are interchangeable allowing you to run different sizes.


    Adelphi ROPP Cappers

    Adelphi manufactures and supplies a highly regarded range of capping and sealing machines, ideal for small to medium batch production environments.

    The Adelphi ROPP Capping Machine is a bench top unit suitable for applying aluminium ROPP caps. The unit is fully adjustable in height using a hand wheel, and includes an electrical control panel with emergency stop and isolator, 4 roller capping head, bottle locator, safety guard and safety start buttons.

    Our capping machines are quick, efficient and adaptable – fits a wide range of cap sizes (15-50mm diameter).

    Please note, Adelphi’s ROPP Capping Machines has some specific bottle requirements which you should be aware of, these include:

    • Min/Max bottle height: 20 – 360mm
    • Min/Max bottle diameter: 5 – 200mm
    • Min/Max cap diameter: 15 – 50mm


    Explore our Range of Capping Machines

    As well as the ROPP Capping Machines, Adelphi offers a range of semi-automatic cappers for different types of caps:

    Pneumatic Capping Machines

    • Easy and efficient closing of twist-off caps
    • Up to 500 containers capped per hour, for torque range 0.3NM to 4NM
    • Watch a video.

    Cap Press

    • Up to 1,000 containers capped per hour – fast application of press-on caps
    • Manual and Pneumatic options to suit your production
    • Ideal for containers up to 240mm high
    • UK manufactured – Zero EU import duty
    • Watch a video.

    Adelphi also offer a range of fully automatic machines including the Adelphi Masterfil Indexing Capper

    • Cap track low level detection avoids disrupting production
    • Versatile; suitable for screw caps, press on caps, tamper proof caps, aerosol overcaps, inserts

    If you are working on small-scale production, don’t stress, Adelphi also have manual capping and closing options to suit all production sizes:

    • Vial crimping & de-capping tongs
    • Syringe stopper press
    • Hand-held tube folding pliers


    Browse our full range of capping and closing machines.

    You can filter by container type and size to find the perfect solution for you.

    If you would like to receive expert advice on the best filling machine for your business, contact us using the form below.