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  • Servo Drive For India

    March 29, 2010

    Adelphi adds to customer base in India


    Adelphi has recently installed a new Masterfil lube oil filling line for an oil company in Mumbai, India.  The line consists of a servo driven eight head filling machine, rotary capper, check weigher, induction sealer and case sealer. The line fills 10 varieties of different containers from 500ml to 5 litres at speeds of 75cpm and 40cpm respectively.

    The filling operation starts with containers being manually placed on a conveyor.  Adjustable guide rails allow for a variety of different sized containers to be securely transported.  The containers are then automatically counted eight at a time into the filling zone prior to filling. Once they are positioned under the filling heads, the nozzles dive into the containers and fill whilst still rising.

    The Masterfil servo driven eight head 5 litre filler comes with a 450 litre tank and has a totally enclosed 304 stainless steel cabinet.  The nozzles are programmed to dive and rise whilst filling and the automatic container handling system includes ‘no container, no fill’ sensing.

    The nozzles are adjustable with multiple speed filling capacity and the 5 litre filling pumps are made from honed 316L stainless steel.

    The filled containers continue down the line where a cap is automatically applied and tightened by a four head rotary capping machine.  The now filled and capped containers then pass over a check weigher to ensure that the containers are within the tolerance range, they then pass under a heat sealing machine before being hand placed into cartons.  The full cartons are then passed through a carton sealer before being hand stacked ready for dispatch.

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