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  • Largest Lube Oil Filling Line

    March 30, 2010

    Adelphi builds on reputation as lube oil filling experts


    Adelphi Masterfil has just successfully installed two new lube oil lines which can lay claim to being the largest lube oil filling lines in the World.  Adelphi managed the entire collation of the line from start to finish sourcing equipment from three countries to bring together this line in Nigeria.

    “Turnkey solutions are now becoming increasingly common in the industry and this demonstrates that we are more than capable of providing them.” said Technical Director Keith Burton.

    There are two lines, each consisting of a Container Unscrambler, Front and Back Labeller, Masterfil S5000-A six head filling machine, Mastercap single head capping machine, Sleeve Machine and Case Packer all leading into a single Robot Palletising Unit.

    The lines can run at speeds of up to 3,500 containers per hour dependent on container size effectively doubling African Petroleum’s outputs.

    Containers are automatically unscrambled and orientated into the correct position when they pass though the Container Unscrambler. The containers then pass through the labeller where a label is applied to the front and back of the container. Oil is then filled using the Masterfil S-5000-A 6 head filling machine. A cap is then automatically placed on the container using the Mastercap capper, containers are then sleeved, packed into boxes and sealed. Each individual line then feeds into a robot palletising unit which stacks boxes from each line onto a single pallet which, when full, can be lifted by an operator on a fork lift machine ready to be dispatched.

    Technical Director, Keith Burton added “This is one of the biggest projects Adelphi Masterfil has taken on to date. Our ability to handle such complex lines shows just how efficient we can be as a company in terms of production and management of third party suppliers.”

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