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  • Production output quadruples thanks to new machinery

    June 4, 2010

    Production output quadruples thanks to new machinery


    Adelphi Masterfil have provided a multi-national veterinary pharmaceutical company, a new filling and capping line which comes complete with a check weighing machine to ensure optimum accuracy.

    The filling machine is a 4 head, 5 litre in-line ‘Multifil’ filling machine and is linked to a single head indexing capping machine. A check-weigher is positioned at the outfeed of the capper with the entire line being specifically designed to fit into a purpose built factory in Scotland.

    The filling machine has diving nozzles, which can be programmed to rise with the level of the liquid and come with an integral drip suck-back system which is fitted to each nozzle.

    The Production Support Leader for the site said “We are now using it (the filling line) every day and can fill a 30,000L batch in under 50 minutes compared to 3 – 4 hours which is a great improvement.  The fill volumes are also excellent with a variation of less than 0.2%

    The Mastercap single head indexing capping machine incorporates a host of innovative features, providing a versatile, reliable capping operation at a maximum speed of up to 60 per minute, dependent on product, container and cap type. The capper comes equipped with an elevator cap feeder and with 304 stainless steel cladding as standard.  Changeovers between cap styles and sizes are made quick and easy by innovative features including, push button height adjustment of capping heads, colour coded change parts and programmable control systems.

    The line comes complete with 8 sets of change parts all of which are easy to change allowing production down time to be minimised.

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