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    January 31, 2011

    New filling line handles a wide range of products for customer


    Adelphi Masterfil has installed a new automatic filling and capping line at Oasis Foods in High Wycombe, England.

    The filling machine used is a Masterfil S5000-A 2 head automatic filling machine which operates at speeds of around 800 containers an hour.  This is linked to a single head screw capping machine, which has been fitted with a vibratory bowl feeder, to allow the caps to be aligned correctly before they enter the cap chute.  The capping machine can easily match the speed of the filler allowing the line to run at its optimum capacity.  A cap sealer, Inkjet coder self adhesive labeller, metal detector and air cleaner finish the line.

    The filling machine handles various products from tomato sauce to relishes with particles in so cleanliness and the ability to avoid cross contamination was a priority for Oasis Foods.  To resolve this problem Masterfil used sanitary pipe work which is suitable for use with food products from the product cylinders to the filling nozzles and also from the storage tank to the product cylinders.

    The Mastercap single head screw capping machine incorporates a host of innovative features, providing a versatile, reliable capping operation.  The capper comes equipped with an elevator cap feeder and with 304 stainless steel cladding as standard.  Changeovers between cap styles and sizes are made quick and easy by innovative features including, push button height adjustment of capping heads, colour coded change parts and programmable control systems.

    The line to date has been supplied with 6 sets of cap change parts and 3 sets of container change parts which are easy to fit meaning that line downtime is minimised.

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