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  • Bespoke attitude without bespoke pricing

    June 12, 2018

    [:en]Bespoke attitude without bespoke pricing

    At Adelphi we pride ourselves on providing options for every client’s budget, with our trademark attitude of excellence that extends across our full range of products and beyond. Each customer requirement is individual, and at Adelphi they are treated as such.

    Adapting one of our standard products often provides a cost-effective way of achieving a bespoke result without the bespoke price tag, with customisation options including Graduations, Etching, Mobile Frames, Valves, Bibs, Hose Connectors, Seals, Handles, Clamps, Skirtbands, Spouts and more.


    Case study: Nelsons Spatone

    In 2010 Nelsons contacted Adelphi for assistance with creating a custom mixing and storage tank for their range of iron rich liquid food supplement sachets. Seven years later, Nelsons approached Adelphi again for the supply of a second tank, required due to their increase in production. This was successfully installed in North Wales in early September 2017.

    The cold, iron rich waters from Trefriw Wells Spa are collected into the custom vessels, which Adelphi created with a method of shutting-off once full (for Nelsons, when 2000L is reached). As the water is collected, it is warmed by an added heated jacket feature around the vessel, along with an Adelphi stirrer which keeps the water moving to control the temperature of the liquid. Once the water reaches a warm temperature, it can be mixed with a flavouring to a batch size of 2500L. The finished product is then able to be drained from the vessel outlet directly into a sachet filler, ready to be filled and packed for sale.

    You can read further on how Adelphi managed to assist Nelsons with their custom requirements here.


    Adelphi can meet your needs precisely thanks to our in-house design, engineering and production facilities. Please let us know if you have a customisation project you wish to discuss and we will arrange a discussion with one of our engineers: contact sales@adelphi.uk.com or call +44 (0)1444 472300 for more information.


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