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  • Adelphi settles into new production facility ‘The Friary’

    June 13, 2018

    [:en]Adelphi settles into new production facility ‘The Friary’


    The Adelphi Group has seen rapid growth in recent years, evidenced most significantly in the dramatic change to its site in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. Adelphi has recently invested and completed build on a new production facility, The Friary, which is the last major building project planned for its one-hectare site, land which is wholly owned by the Adelphi Group.

    The Friary follows a trend for Adelphi, where all building names are linked to the history of the business or the family. In this instance The Friary takes its name from Chairman Stephen Holroyd’s family connection to a group of breweries established in the 19th century.

    The impressive premises took several months to complete, and were constructed over the top of Adelphi’s old temporary warehouse space, which enabled business activities to continue to flow without disrupting production and dispatch. Once the building framework was in place, the temporary building was removed, allowing for work to be carried out on the interior.

    The Friary includes a number of features which all provide major improvements to the business operations. The main space is occupied by a large machine hall with twelve working stations, all with their own service point for electrics, air and data. This offers ample space for several machine builds at any one time, ensuring that customer orders can be satisfied regardless of workloads. Stores also occupies a double mezzanine area for the three engineering companies within the group.

    Additionally the building houses a large weld shop where machine frames are constructed, as well as a number of key components on Adelphi’s range of fillers and cappers. This area is the main hub of activity for Adelphi Coldstream, who modify their range of stainless steel mixing vessels and containers to include optional extras such as tap outlets, inlets, lid clamps and lid mounted stirrers. They have also recently begun work on a new product range, stainless steel flexible vacuum hoses, which are welded in house in a dedicated clean area.

    With the addition of these new features as well as a machine shop, Adelphi has the ability to bring more and more of its processes and production in-house, from design through to fabrication, including machining, wiring and programming.

    Exemplifying Adelphi’s company pledge “to support the local economy and the natural environment”, The Friary took into account energy efficiency at every stage of the build: as a result, eco-friendly LED lighting was installed, thermal testing was conducted, high quality insulation introduced, and solar panels were mounted on the roof of Adelphi Healthcare Packaging’s warehouse facility which now produce more power than we use. Adelphi’s buildings have also been constructed to harvest rainwater for use in the company’s cleaning and plumbing.

    Whilst work was underway on The Friary, an exciting discovery was made in the form of an old artesian well, which along with the harvested rainwater now serves all the buildings on site with water for cleaning.

    Adelphi is exceptionally proud of its facilities, and always welcomes its customers and contacts to site for tours. If you would like to check out what Adelphi has to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1444 472300, or email info@adelphi.uk.com.


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