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  • Adelphi Appoints PPMA Show Bright Ideas Ambassadors

    September 11, 2018

    The PPMA’s Bright Ideas Ambassador programme is a dynamic initiative designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing within the processing and packaging machinery industry. This program appoints industry professionals as ambassadors to champion and drive forward creative solutions and technological advancements. These ambassadors play a crucial role in connecting industry stakeholders, sharing insights, and promoting the exchange of innovative ideas. Through seminars, workshops, and networking events, the Bright Ideas Ambassadors contribute to the growth and development of the sector by encouraging the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. The programme not only elevates the profile of forward-thinking individuals within the industry but also serves as a catalyst for positive change and progress in the ever-evolving landscape of processing and packaging machinery.

    PPMA’s Bright Ideas Ambassador programme is a free advice service where visitors to the PPMA Show who are investigating specific products and services or are at the start of their career and looking for some expert advice – are matched to specific ambassadors on the show floor with specialist knowledge.

    The Adelphi Group of Companies is proud to have a Bright Ideas Ambassador from two of its companies being represented at the show, who will give the benefit of their extensive knowledge and experience:


    Adelphi Manufacturing (stand K24) – Dean Willis

    Dean has been in the industry since 1987, and joined Adelphi in 1993 – he has become well known and trusted in the industry over the years. Although he is a Director of two of our Divisions, he also gets involved in the sale of larger packaging machinery into customers that he has an established relationship with.

    Adelphi Masterfil (stand H12) – Catharine King

    Catharine has been heavily involved in the packaging machinery industry since 1985 and has been with Adelphi Packaging Machinery since 2010. She has the task of coordinating our internal sales team and our network of Agents and Distributors, and tends to get more closely involved with the management of our larger sales opportunities.


    Look for the Bright Ideas Ambassador Programme pod in the Enterprise Zone, and they will be pleased to direct you to meet our Ambassadors – we look forward to seeing you there!

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