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  • Adelphi Joins TerraCycle Recycling Scheme

    August 19, 2019

    The Adelphi Group of Companies is proud to have joined the TerraCycle recycling scheme.

    TerraCycle is an alternative way of recycling items that would otherwise be taken to landfill; from crisp packets to stationery items.  Items will be taken to a local drop-off point, to be integrated into new products. Under the scheme, recyclable items collected are awarded points, which are then converted to money, which goes to a local charity; Sussex based Oscars Wish Foundation.

    The advantages for companies joining TerraCycle are:

    • Waste Reduction: The TerraCycle scheme helps reduce waste by providing a solution for recycling items that are traditionally challenging to recycle, such as certain plastics, packaging, or non-recyclable materials.
    • Environmental Conservation: Recycling through TerraCycle contributes to environmental conservation by diverting waste from landfills and incineration, minimizing the ecological impact of discarded items.
    • Circular Economy: TerraCycle promotes a circular economy by collecting materials, recycling them, and using the recycled materials to create new products, fostering a more sustainable and closed-loop approach.
    • Corporate Social Responsibility: Participating in the TerraCycle scheme demonstrates a commitment to corporate social responsibility, as companies actively engage in environmentally friendly practices and waste reduction initiatives.
    • Engagement and Education: The TerraCycle program engages individuals and communities in the recycling process, raising awareness about the importance of responsible waste management and encouraging more sustainable consumer behavior.
    • Product Innovation: TerraCycle encourages product manufacturers to innovate in packaging design, promoting the development of more eco-friendly materials and reducing the environmental impact of packaging.
    • Community Building: TerraCycle often involves community or school-based collection initiatives, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and community involvement in waste reduction efforts.
    • Customized Recycling Solutions: TerraCycle offers specialized recycling programs for a wide range of items, allowing companies and individuals to address specific waste streams that may not be accepted through conventional recycling programs.
    • Partnership Opportunities: Companies that join the TerraCycle program have the opportunity to collaborate with a global network of businesses, organizations, and individuals dedicated to sustainability, fostering partnerships for a more sustainable future.


    Recycling and sustainability concerns are central to Adelphi’s operations. In addition to the TerraCycle scheme, we have swapped plastic for paper cups in all water coolers and for all hot drinks, and have had a conscious drive of everyday recycling awareness among staff, taking our recycling of cardboard above 95% every month. We also recycle plastic, metal and glass wherever possible, and exchange offcuts of stainless steel at the local scrapyard. A local recycling company called Shredded Neat collect our waste cardboard and plastic. Biffa also collect our recycled card, cans and plastic bottles generated by staff food consumption.

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