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  • Adelphi opens new offices; the Barron Butler suite

    September 10, 2019

    On Monday 9th September 2019, the Adelphi Group of Companies opened their beautiful new office, to be known as the Barron Butler suite. The suite will be the new home of Adelphi’s Engineering Department; meet the talented team here >>>

    The choice of name continues the Adelphi Group’s tradition of naming sites and areas after people or places of special local or historical significance:

    Strand House takes its name from the building in the Strand, London, where Adelphi was founded, near to Charing Cross station. In those days the river came right up to the building in Adam street and had vaulted lower rooms.

    The Friary production facility takes its name from the Friary Meux brewery in Guildford, founded by our Chairman Stephen Holroyd’s great grandfather. The site of the old brewery is now a shopping mall called The Friary.

    The Sheldonian warehouse is a famous Classical style building in the middle of Oxford surrounded by a circle of Ancient Greek style monuments. Stephen Holroyd was at school in Oxford and knew it well, and felt the style corresponded with the Adelphi values.

    When Adelphi moved from London to the site of the old gasworks in Haywards Heath, there was an old locked room, which had to be broken into, called the Barron Butler suite. ‘Barron’ is also the middle name of Adelphi Group Chairman Stephen Holroyd; a fitting tribute as Stephen celebrated his 50th anniversary working for Adelphi earlier this year.

    Such an investment sends a very positive message to Adelphi’s staff and customers alike, and we are thrilled to have it up and running.



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