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  • Successful second ISO audit for Adelphi

    December 16, 2019


    On Monday 2nd December, the three engineering companies in the Adelphi Group underwent their 2nd ISO 9001 surveillance audit, and are now half way through the three-year certification period. The auditor examined how the Adelphi Group had progressed with the Quality Objectives and Key Performance Indicators. He also looked at how the group managed the Quality Management System and the progress made by the group in addressing Risks to the business, and looked at opportunities for business improvements with some probing questions.

    The auditor spent the afternoon sampling different aspects of the business operations. He spent time with Joanna Armstrong, who went through in-depth how Pharma Hygiene Products handle the receipt of orders from customers, ensuring that the Adelphi Group can fulfil the order and meet requirements. The auditor then visited Jonathan Else in the Adelphi Manufacturing production area. Here he went through the manufacture of a Syringe Stopper Insertion machine. Jonathan received some very searching questions into his assembly and testing processes for the Syringe Stopper, and how it performed the insertion into the syringe to meet the customer’s requirements. Finally, the auditor spent some time with Rob Grantham-Hill of the Adelphi Masterfil Engineering team. He was taken through the process of how the Engineering Department receive details on the customer’s machines to design, how the production information is created and how Adelphi manage the whole design process, from the initial job specification, through to producing the production information.

    Overall the Auditor was very satisfied with the progress Adelphi have made, detailing in his report that:

    “the company continues to operate an effective management system with good oversight and leadership provided by the top management team. The improvement in planning operations and therefore meeting product FAT and delivery dates were significant and an enhancement to achieving customer satisfaction. Other Quality Objective also drive service delivery improvements and provide a sound basis for continual improvement.”       

    At the Adelphi Group, we continually strive for excellence, and are extremely proud of our ISO 9001 certification. This sends a very positive message to our customers, that we operate in only the best possible ways.[:]

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