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  • The New Normal – more hygienic choices

    July 17, 2020

    Stainless Steel Production Containers


    Off-the-shelf     *     ISO Certified     *     A more hygienic choice

    As we continue to adapt to ‘The New Normal’, many manufacturers are re-evaluating their processes and production equipment, to maintain the exceptional standards of hygiene that are more crucial than ever.

    Stainless steel production equipment is easier to decontaminate than plastics, and a more hygienic choice overall. You can clean stainless steel with alcohol, which you can’t do with plastics. Higher temperature cleans are also possible with our equipment, including using industrial cleaning dishwashers/autoclaves.

    The surface finish roughness average on our production containers is 0.4 micrometers RA; this leaves no room for any germs to hide.

    One UK manufacturer described in a recent interview, how “stainless steel containers, rather than lower grade metal or plastic, are crucial”, as they remove the worry about damage, deterioration or corrosion, which could compromise their products. “It’s a sound investment”, he enthused. “We have deviated to another supplier in the past who were cheaper, but we found that the quality was not as good. If any customer asks where we get our containers, we recommend PHP!” Read the full interview here >>>

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