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  • BIDCORO & Adelphi Masterfil; a very special relationship

    September 28, 2020

    Since meeting Co-Ro A/S at Interpack in 2017, Adelphi Masterfil are proud to have supplied ‘System F-600’ filling lines to fill Sunquick fruit drink concentrate to two of their joint venture companies – including BIDCORO in Kenya.

    Valuable production benefits of the System F-600 include superior ±0.15% filling accuracy and rise-while-fill nozzle movement; critical to avoid aerating the drink, which lengthens its shelf life and ensures that Sunquick always reaches customers in perfect condition.

    Adelphi Masterfil’s unique piston head adaptations and enhanced cleaning function for the piston seals combine to manage the stickiness of Sunquick’s natural fruit sugars, and its high SG. Nozzle movements and filling speeds are electronically servo-controlled, meaning that a precise custom filling ‘recipe’ can be saved, to optimise the fill for each different Sunquick flavour.

    Adelphi Masterfil enjoy working hand-in-glove with BIDCORO, and teams from both companies have visited each others’ sites, to ensure a smooth collaboration.

    This collaboration also included Adelphi Masterfil integrating a complete turnkey line – including bottle washer, filler, capper and labeller – for BIDCORO, and undertaking detailed project management. The Mastercap Capping Machine (also manufactured by Adelphi Masterfil) included additional custom features such as a nitrogen gas purge before capping and UV ‘cap in chute’ exposure, to guarantee a hygienic finish; vital in the food and beverage industry.

    As well as the production benefits facilitated by Adelphi Masterfil’s machinery, the success of this special relationship can also be attributed to the core values which Adelphi Masterfil and BIDCORO share; both companies continually strive towards the highest standards in quality, sustainability and social responsibility. Adelphi Masterfil look forward to continuing to support BIDCORO’s manufacturing of their world-leading consumer products.

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