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  • Adelphi Shortlisted at the Family Business of the Year Awards 2021

    February 8, 2021

    Family Business of the Year 2021

    The Adelphi Group of Companies are delighted to have been shortlisted at the 2021 Family Business of the Year Awards!

    These awards celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of family businesses that make a local, national and international impact in the fields of charity, community and sustainability.

    The Family Business of the Year awards celebrate and honor the outstanding achievements of family-owned enterprises that have demonstrated excellence, resilience, and innovation in their respective industries. This prestigious recognition not only acknowledges the economic contributions of family businesses but also highlights their unique ability to navigate challenges while maintaining a commitment to their core values and traditions. The awards serve as a platform to showcase the diverse and impactful roles that family businesses play in shaping local economies and communities. By honouring the Family Business of the Year, these awards recognize the dedication, hard work, and generational continuity that characterize successful family enterprises, fostering a sense of pride and inspiration within the broader business community.

    Family Business of the Year 2021: At Adelphi, we are committed to using this recognition of our successes to motivate and inspire continuous improvement of our products, services and initiatives moving forward.


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