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  • Adelphi Masterfil’s comprehensive testing program ensures complete production security

    September 21, 2021

    As part of Adelphi’s commitment to quality, production security is guaranteed by our comprehensive 5 stages of testing including:

    Stage 1 – Build:

    • Key requirements of customer specification are checked against drawings
    • Pneumatic components are checked for any leaks
    • All nuts and bolts are checked to ensure correctly tightened

    Stage 2 – Dry Test:

    • Individual components are run on one of our workshop test rigs for 2 days
    • Product cylinders are disconnected and the machine is run for 2 days to check for any loose parts

    Stage 3 – Wet Test:

    • Run with both water and product (if possible), the machine will undergo testing before calibration to check for leaks
    • Once calibrated it is run for 10 runs of containers
    • Consistency of each head is checked to ensure they are all within our workshop set tolerance

    Stage 4 – Pre FAT:

    • In house accuracy testing on the customer’s required fills
    • Testing is constant while the machine is set to various output speeds and automated functionality setting to ensure capability

    Stage 5 – FAT day:

    • Machine is tested with customer present or via video to demonstrate ability to meet customer requirements.


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