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    October 18, 2021

    Sustainability doesn’t have to cost the Earth

    Adelphi Manufacturing – Haywards Heath, West Sussex – are delighted to have been named ‘Most Sustainable Process & Packaging Machinery Manufacturer (UK)’ at this year’s Global Business Insight Awards.

    Their team was recognised for their work promoting sustainable manufacturing solutions, which recently included Marketing Executive Rachel Morgan speaking at the Sussex Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Road to Net Zero’ event. Rachel’s presentation focussed on solutions which deliver a positive environmental change, in a commercially viable way.

    The topics which were covered included:

    Rainwater Harvesting
    Financial Benefits: Rainwater harvesting saves Adelphi an average of 12,000 litres per month, from two tanks which have a combined volume of 15,000 litres.
    Environmental Benefits: Greater selfsufficiency and reduced demand on local water supply.
    Lessens the load placed upon drainage systems, and reducing the effects of flooding by channelling the run-off water into tanks for recycling.

    Solar Panels
    Financial Benefits: Adelphi’s 256 solar panels generate excess electricity at a rate of 3% per month, and are a fixed asset, requiring minimal maintenance.
    Environmental Benefits: Solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment compared to any other energy source, and does not produce greenhouse gases.
    Every initiative will count to help the UK meet its target of climate neutrality by 2050 – all businesses are called upon to reduce pollution and waste, recycle and reuse materials, and moderate emissions in their processes. To this end, Adelphi warmly extends an invitation to visit their site, to see solutions such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting in person – they hope that this will enable others to also improve their environmental impact, in way which also safeguards commercial success for green-minded businesses in the future.

    A Sustainable Vision of the Manufacturing Industry
    Adelphi have proudly partnered with Sussex photographer James Morris – a respected architectural photographer – who is creating a docu-series demonstrating the subtlety with which sustainable elements can be integrated into facilities such as Adelphi’s.
    James selected Adelphi’s rainwater harvesting tanks, air source heat pump, solar panels and evaporative cooling system (pictured below) to feature. His images impart a poignancy and grace to the presence of environmentally conscious industrial solutions, and contradict the frequently held belief that manufacturing is inherently and irrevocably bad for our planet.

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