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  • Get A Clear View – Your Guide To Choosing Your Ideal Liquid Inspection Solution

    November 5, 2021

    Infallible quality control ensures that pharmaceuticals are consistent, safe, effective and predictable – one of the most vital quality control operations is Visual Inspection.

    “Human manual inspection is still the reference standard”, says John Shabushnig, PhD, principal consultant at Insight Pharma Consulting. “Human inspectors are flexible, and can respond to something they have never seen before or something that ‘doesn’t look right’.”

    The Adelphi Manufacturing ‘Apollo’ range of Liquid Inspection Viewers enable simple, fast and accurate detection of particles in liquids. Choose from:

    • Apollo I Liquid Viewer – Equipped with a magnifier, the Apollo I is perfect to view small particles less visible with the naked eye

    Apollo II Liquid Inspection Viewer

    • Apollo II Liquid Viewer – The most popular of the range, the Apollo II is perfect for viewing transparent glass containers with a light and dark side to spot all particlesApollo II High Intensity Liquid Inspection Viewer - Coloured Glass
    • Apollo II High Intensity Liquid Viewer – Viewing coloured vials? The Apollo II High Intensity is designed for purpose with its light level between 8,000 and 10,000 Lux.

    Apollo II Liquid Inspection Viewer - Dimmable

    • Apollo II Dimmable Liquid Viewer: The newest product addition with an inbuilt dimmer control depending on the light level in the room.

    All of which are easily foldable for storage, convenience and safety purposes.

    “I recently ordered the Apollo I Liquid viewer Box and was dependent on the delivery arriving in Switzerland within a few days. The employees were extremely helpful and reliable. Within a week the financial part as well as the delivery was completed and the box was ready for use. The quality of the box is also top notch and allows particles to be seen as reliably as possible. Thanks a lot! Until the next order.” Thomas Schick – InnoMedica AG


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