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  • High Precision and High Performance – the S5000-A, your automatic filling solution for reduced waste

    November 4, 2021

    No Financial Waste

    Adelphi Masterfil’s fully automatic fillers organically grow along with your production needs– capable of adapting anywhere between a 2 and 12 head machine at any point, this ensures there is no financial waste as the initial investment is not made obsolete when upgrading.

    No Product Waste

    One control panel located on the machine can control all machine characteristics. This includes 3 fill speed settings to prevent wastage through splashback. You can select your own re-charge speed to prevent any air getting into the machine which prevents time being wasted while operators resolve this issue.

    No Container Waste

    Professional quality sensors are included throughout the conveyor to prevent container waste; the neck location sensors will align bottles with filling nozzles and the machine won’t fill if the incorrect amount of containers are sensed. A gating system is also in place to hold containers while they are filled to ensure the containers do not move and there are no damages or breaks.


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