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  • Optimal Operator Safety with Adelphi Masterfil’s Boom Filler

    March 21, 2022

    Production risk assessments almost always highlight manual handling as an area of concern. Adelphi Masterfil developed their Boom Filler to take the strain and provide optimal operator safety, so your operators don’t have to!

    How does it work?

    Light, empty containers can easily be placed on a pallet; standard pallets can take approximately 16 containers on each level. Once a level has been filled, the operator can place on the caps and add a further 16 containers. It is common for pallets to hold three levels of containers!

    If your operator was to fill these containers individually off a pallet, they would have to manhandle each container onto the pallet once filled (each container potentially weighing 20L), which could result in injury to the operator’s back and spillages of product.

    The Boom Arm Filler will fill from the base level and can be raised to fill containers at each level

    Watch a video of the boom arm filler here >>>


    Choose from:

    • Flowmeter: No pistons; quick product and container changeover to minimise production downtime.


    • Weigh scale: Immediate verification of fill weight, without needing a check weigher after the filling cycle.


    Optimise operator safety with the Boom Filler and reduce product waste today by contacting
    info@adelphi.uk.com or calling (+44)01444 472 300


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