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  • How to Maximise Output from a Small Production Space

    May 16, 2024

    Utilising Automation to Reach your Full Profitability Potential

    Discover practical strategies and expert insights to optimise production efficiency in space-restricted manufacturing spaces.

    Create a More Efficient Layout:

    Design your production space to maximize workflow efficiency, ensuring that each area is utilized optimally and that there’s a smooth flow of materials and workers. For example, the Zonal system divides your production space into zones based on different stages of production such as receiving, processing, packaging, and shipping. Each zone should be clearly marked and organized to facilitate smooth movement of materials and workers.

    Regularly analyse and optimise the flow of materials and workers within each zone, and arrange equipment and workstations to minimize unnecessary movement and transportation. For example, place raw material storage areas close to processing equipment to reduce handling times.


    Implement Robust Quality Control Measures:

    Implement stringent quality control measures to identify and rectify defects early in the production process, reducing rework and waste. This can include traceability systems, to track the movement of materials and products throughout the production process, enabling quick identification and resolution of quality issues.

    Designate specific storage areas with appropriate environmental conditions (e.g., temperature and humidity control) to preserve the quality and shelf life of raw materials and finished products. Adelphi Group company Pharma Hygiene Products provides a range of Storage and Transportation Containers which can be supplied with seals and toggle clamps to keep your product airtight. Find out more >>>


    Vertical Space Utilization:

    Needs no explanation! Utilize vertical space with shelving, racks, and storage systems to maximize storage capacity without expanding the physical footprint.


    Cross-Training Your Team:

    Cross-training employees to perform multiple tasks, allows for greater flexibility in workforce deployment and minimizing downtime due to staffing shortages. This is essential to maximise output from a small production space.


    Automation and Robotics:

    Introducing automation and robotics where feasible can increase production speed and efficiency, especially for repetitive tasks. Benchtop or tabletop equipment enables great output potential from even the smallest spaces.

    As well as a small footprint, tabletop equipment is also ideal for space-poor sites as it is lightweight and portable, allowing for easy relocation within your space as needed. This flexibility is especially beneficial for manufacturers who may need to adapt their layout or workflows based on changing production demands. Adelphi Group company Adelphi Manufacturing offers the Response Benchtop Filler for companies whose production requirements resonate with these points. Find out more >>>

    Tabletop equipment typically comes with a lower upfront cost compared to larger industrial-scale machinery. This makes it an attractive option for small-scale manufacturers operating on tight budgets or looking to minimize initial investment.

    Additionally, maintenance tasks such as cleaning and servicing are more manageable due to the equipment’s smaller size.


    Multi-Functional Equipment:

    Invest in equipment that can perform multiple tasks or processes, saving space and increasing productivity. A great example is the Response Monobloc Filler & Capper, which integrates both filling and capping functions into a single unit, around a compact starwheel design. This reduces the overall footprint compared to separate machines performing each function.

    The Monobloc system also eliminates the need for conveyor between separate or inline style filling and capping machinery. This reduces the need for manual intervention and material handling between individual machines, resulting in faster production cycles and increased efficiency.

    With integrated functionality, monoblock-style machines require fewer operators to oversee and manage production operations. This can lead to significant cost savings for space-restricted sites with limited manpower resources.


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