• AAK BD Foods

    Exponential production growth for AAK BD Foods,
    with a scalable solution from Adelphi Manufacturing

  • The Challenge

    AAK BD Foods are an innovative creator of restaurant quality meal accompaniments,
    including sauces, dressings, chutneys, soups and more. Their filling had previously been
    completed manually, with the team struggling to meet increasing numbers of orders.

    The Solution

    AAK BD Foods now own eleven Response Benchtop Fillers – which are available off-the-shelf – to meet increasing demands as soon as they occur.

    Improved Production Flexibility

    AAK BD Foods have mounted their Response Benchtop Fillers onto stainless steel trolleys, for mobility. “What we love most about the Response”, says their Director “is the flexibility it gives to our work space. We can adapt the layout of our machines and space as production demands, and when one machine needs cleaning, we simply wheel it away and replace it immediately with another”.

    Proven reliability

    The Response has proved so popular with AAK BD Foods that when purchasing complete processing lines
    for sachets and pouches, they have asked suppliers to swap-out their own brand of filler and
    engineer-in a Response benchtop machine!

    “Every time we’ve moved away from Adelphi’s filling machines, we’ve had issues – and you can quote me on that!”

    Saves time and money

    AAK BD Foods’ production facility contains an obsolete fully automatic filling line which is no longer in use, due to the length of its cleaning and changeover routines. “BD Foods have found it more time-efficient to fill using the semi- automatic Response Benchtop Filler, than using the fully automatic line”, says their Director. “The higher production downtime when cleaning and changing the complete line meant that we were losing out on valuable filling time, which is not the case with the Response”.

    The 3-minute strip-down of the Response Benchtop Filler means that AAK BD Foods can swiftly switch from filling 25ml glass bottles up to 5kg tubs, as required.

    Seamless Collaboration

    AAK BD Foods also utilise large stainless steel jacketed vessels, created by Adelphi Manufacturing’s sister company Pharma Hygiene Products. The 400L vessels are used to keep products at the correct temperature while they are being transferred between mixing and filling. Stainless steel is a more durable and environmentally friendly option than plastic vessels, which compliments the ethical considerations at the heart of AAK BD Foods’ practice.

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