• British Herb Kitchen

    Compact, scalable machine expands production capabilities of artisan pesto manufacturer

  • The Challenge

    British Herb Kitchen, the brainchild of owner Victoria McNeill was “growing past kitchen-sized equipment”, and needed a space-efficient filler for their compact production line. Their artisan pestos have a beautifully rustic, chunky texture, which not all filling machinery can handle without clogging.

    The Results

    Production has increased from runs of 30 (previously filled by hand using teaspoons!) to runs of 400 with the help of the Response Benchtop Filler. The Response can fill chunks of up to 10mm diameter, and isn’t clogged by the highly viscous pestos.

    Intuitive to Use

    “I received machinery quotes from several companies, and saw one or two others for demonstrations,” remembers Victoria. The Response was demo’d in September 2019, and the rest, as they say, is history. “It worked well during the demo, which gave me confidence”, remembers Victoria. “The Response was the easiest machine to understand, it’s not too complex. My forte is imagining and creating recipes; I’m not a technical person, so I needed to have confidence in the machine. It’s also good looking, utilitarian and doesn’t take up too much space!”

    Grows with the demands of the business

    Another key factor in Victoria’s purchasing decision was the scalability of the Response range; the Benchtop Filler can be incorporated into Adelphi Manufacturing’s Response Monobloc Filler or Response Automation Base, as production demands increase. “The Response Benchtop Filler represents stage 1 of investment”, says Victoria. “It’s great that as my business grows, so can the capabilities of the machine range.” Her initial investment is never made obsolete.

    Quick and easy to strip/clean – less costly production downtime

    Full strip-down of the Response for cleaning can be achieved in 3 minutes! Many customers keep a spare set of wetted parts, so that changeover between products can be as quick as possible. Victoria fills all 7 products on the Response Benchtop Filler, and will be able to fill any new products on the same machine moving forward.

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