• Dublin Herbalists

    “The huge increase in output is remarkable!”
    Quick and easy changeover between filling different products makes the difference for Beauty Industry manufacturer Dublin Herbalists

  • Dublin Herbalists create naturally kind skincare, tailored to suit a variety of skin types in a busy, modern world.

    Glynis Bubenzer, Marketing & Merchandising Manager, sits down in conversation with Adelphi Manufacturing’s Marketing Executive Emily Salmon…

    Q: Which factors in your business led to you investigating automated filling?

    A: We purchased a tube closer from Adelphi Manufacturing a few years ago and were very happy with it, so we have been aware of Adelphi for a while. We have taken on a few contract manufacturing jobs recently and knew we needed to upgrade our filling capabilities, so we started investigating filling machines.

    Q: What led you to partner with Adelphi Manufacturing as your filling equipment supplier?

    A: We considered a few different suppliers’ machines with various capabilities, but your Response Benchtop Filler gave us everything we wanted (a heated hopper, a pump into the hopper from the floor, a large variety of fill volumes and viscosities), so we decide to go with it!

    Q: How many varieties of product and/or containers do you fill using your Response Benchtop Filler?

    A: We fill around 9 different products with the Response Benchtop Filler, and as far as the containers go, there are different ones for each of those products. We are very happy with the variety of products we can use the machine for, and we have also heard that should we scale up further, there is much more work that the Response range can do, for example if we connect to a second or third machine.

    Q: Which features of the Response Benchtop Filler are most beneficial to your business? Can you quantify the improvement that the machinery has had on your productivity?

    A: So far the pump from the floor, the heated hopper and the huge variety of volumes (and ease of use when switching between volumes) that can be filled are the most beneficial features. We have only been properly using the machine for a week or so, but the huge increase in output and the decrease in time spent filling is remarkable.

    Of course, we now have to bring up to speed a few other processes that come before and after the filling, and we are excited to do so!

    Q: How would you describe your purchasing experience with Adelphi Manufacturing?

    A: The purchasing process was thorough and efficient. We got answers to all the questions we had- which were numerous- and we didn’t have to wait too long for the machine to arrive.

    The most notable customer service came from Dean Willis, who came over to us and spent the day explaining to all our staff exactly how the machine works, how to put it all together, take it apart and clean it, and also how to fill different products. We didn’t realise how much training we would need (this being one of the first semi-automatic machines we have purchased) and so we were very grateful that Dean spent so much time with us. His manner was extremely professional and his knowledge and training skills are fantastic.

    We have been very happy so far with everything, and would absolutely recommend Adelphi Manufacturing!


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