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    70% increase in productivity for global disinfectants manufacturer Tristel Solutions

  • Adelphi customer Tristel Solutions are a global manufacturer and supplier of infection control, contamination control and hygiene products, with their primary customer base being both NHS and private hospitals.

    The Challenge

    A dual product (base and activator) needed to be filled into two conjoined containers. The base and the activator were previously being filled separately on two different fillers, in a labour intensive process. Both components were then being individually capped, before the dual activation cap was added and the product was moved down the line for labelling.

    The Results

    The Response Automation filling line is fed from two large tanks attached to the machine, with one holding the base and the other the activator. Both can be fed into the filling line at the same time, filling into the two conjoined bottles.

    Since 2007, Tristel have purchased several Response Benchtop Fillers. The Response Automation line represents the next stage in their production growth…

    Minimal New Investment Cost

    The automatic line incorporates Tristel’s existing benchtop units, which means that their investment to date has not been left obsolete. The Response Automation line now handles around five Tristel product ranges, including the 500ml chlorine dioxide foam-based dual product. Tristel’s Production Manager Jenny O’Callaghan says “as we’re currently running the filling line mostly with two individual benchtop fillers, it gives us plenty of opportunity for growth, where we can simply slot in another single filler to the line to increase production with one of the several single units that we have, and…

    “this is all at no extra cost”

    70% Increase in Productivity

    Following installation of the Response Automation line, Tristel could instantly report a 70% increase in productivity. The line is fed from two large tanks attached to the machine, with one holding the base and the other the activator, but both can be fed into the filling line at the same time, filling into the two conjoined bottles. Jenny commented “the addition of the automation has assisted us greatly. I can’t imagine where we would be without it now. Our processes were very manual and filling on the automation line now saves us a huge amount of time. We would only like to automate more and more of our packaging processes across the business going forward”.

    Versatile and Reliable

    When looking for a fully automated filling line, Tristel considered other packaging machinery suppliers, but being already secure in the knowledge that Adelphi’s fillers were reliable and durable influenced Tristel’s overall decision. “From the smaller Response fillers we had previously used, we were familiar with Adelphi’s equipment, and knew that we could trust them to run as we needed without constant breakdowns or issues” says Jenny.

    “They’re reliable and not temperamental; I didn’t really need to look elsewhere,” says Tristel’s Production Engineer Peter Twelftree. “One of the great advantages of the Response Automation System is its modularity. If we were to have any issues with the line, we could simply remove one of the single benchtop units and use that to work with a semi-automatic fill. We’re currently producing around 700 – 1000 bottles per hour depending on the product, with plenty of room for growth.”

    Fast-forward to 2020, and with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeping the world, demand for Tristel’s products has never been greater…

    Tristel purchased four further new Response Benchtop Fillers in April 2020, bringing their total up to 10. With production up as much as 40-50% in some instances, the machines are all are being put through their paces filling the two key disinfectant products which Tristel have devoted their production to, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. These include DISTEL, a fluid for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces within hospital environments, and JET, a powerful sporicidal disinfectant, with proven effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2.

    Quick Delivery – Responsive to Changing Production Needs

    The new machines arrived within 4 working days of Tristel’s order being placed; “they were up and running quickly” says Peter. Tristel are also now running their Response Automation Base with four individual Benchtop Fillers. “The Response machines have really come into their own”, says Jenny. “We’re able to incorporate the Response’s into the automatic line or use them manually”.

    “Many thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated here at Tristel. As you know, we use your machines to fill cleaning disinfectants for hospitals, not only for the NHS but also across the world. It’s very comforting knowing that I can get parts / advice if needed to keep our machines running, and also you can supply us with extra machines to help us.”

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