• Veterinary Medicine

    Adelphi’s responsive approach to machine design enables a 200% increase in product offering for veterinary manufacturer

  • Adelphi Manufacturing’s customer is a U- based Specials Manufacturer dedicated to broadening available treatment options for veterinarians. They currently serve the equine, small/companion animal and exotic markets, with an ever-expanding portfolio of products.

    Led by a team of pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals with experience from across the globe, this customer implements European Medicine Standards at their ManSA licenced facilities.

    Adelphi Manufacturing are proud to have been at their side on their remarkable journey, having supplied a
    Response Benchtop Filler and a Vial Crimper to aid production.

    One Size Doesn’t Fit All

    “I have never sat down with any other sales guys, I normally leave it to my purchasing team,” the Director laughs. “But Adelphi’s knowledge of the technical aspects means that they get what we need. I need someone to understand immediately, and that’s Adelphi.” The visit also included lengthy and animated discussions about the future of the company, and how Adelphi’s standard and bespoke production solutions can support their next phase of growth.

    “We’ve spoken with bigger machinery companies in the past, but they don’t have the flexibility to think outside the box”, says the Director. “They have a standard range of machines, and if these don’t fit your production needs, they can’t help you. They won’t sit down to chat for a couple of hours to find out what’s best for us.” With Adelphi, he says, “their experience marries with my ideas!”

    Infallible Hygiene

    When supplying Adelphi’s Response Benchtop Filler, Adelphi’s design team created a special filling nozzle attachment for this customer, to help fill their equine cream product into syringe containers. To meet the customer’s strict hygiene requirements, all contact parts are manufactured in 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel, PTFE and Viton, and an all-stainless monocoque construction, with curved and sloping surfaces meets GMP regulations. Clean, lubricant- free pneumatics, Tri-Clover hopper connections, and a quick-strip design combine to ease cleaning.

    Other ‘Adelphi aspects’ which this customer appreciates include servicing options which fit in with their production downtime, and fast lead times for new machinery, which means that the Director can be responsive to his company’s production needs as they develop and grow.

    A Relationship of Trust

    Since the Director’s arrival, this company has expanded their range from 30 to 90 products, their team from 14 to 47 people, and their distribution footprint to now cover 15 countries. “What we have achieved so far is only because of your machines”, he says, “and we will continue to work with Adelphi to grow further.

    “I don’t want to want to use multiple suppliers; it’s better to build a relationship of trust with just one”, he continues. Happily, Adelphi are experienced in providing complete processing solutions – which can include incorporating machinery from other suppliers – to simplify the purchasing process for our customers.

    Conveniently, Adelphi Manufacturing’s sister company Pharma Hygiene Products have also supplied hygienic, 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel vessels, to assist this customer’s production. These sit at the base of a high shear mixer, which is mixing a powder product suspended in liquid.

    316L Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Vessels


    The future looks extremely bright for our customer; new facilities are being built within their laboratories to enable them to meet the increasing demand for their products, and Adelphi are excited to be at their side for their next phase of growth.

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