• Vesta 1C Plastic/Laminate Tube Sealer

  • Professional Quality Finish

    Up to 240 Tubes per Hour

    Delivery Within Days


    Product Specification:

    • For plastic/laminate tubes 10 - 50mm diameter.
    • Maximum tube height of 240mm.
    • Compact, robust and reliable, for a professional quality finish every time.
    • Quick and efficient, output up to 240/h.
    • Simple and intuitive functionality
    • Digital display of heat and coding timer.
    • Adjustable stand to set tube height.
    • Supplied with 1 set of tube cups.


    Adelphi Manufacturing also offer:

    Centrac® FCC, for closing metal tubes.

    Response Benchtop Filler for filling tubes.

  • Vesta 1C Plastic Laminate Tube Sealer
  • Adelphi MFG - Vesta 1C Tube Sealer (2)
  • Zero EU Import Duty. Available from Stock (subject to availability)

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  • Pricing:

    Product No. Description Material Price
    3140001 Vesta 1C Plastic/Laminate Tube Sealer £7413.00
    31406** Pair of Tube Cups for each different size of tube £237.00
    3140601 Set of Numbers 0-9 (L Shaped) £175.00
    3140600 Set of Letters A-Z (L Shaped) £455.00
    3140601-A-Z Individual Letters and Numbers (L Shaped) £24
    3140001-IQOQ Vesta 1C IQ/OQ Documentation £750.00
    3132030 Teflon Ribbon to Coat Bars (1M) £12.00
    3140408 Teflon Jaw Covers (1 Pair) £16.00
    3122040 Heating Band Vesta I / 100-300 X 4MM X 0.25MM (2 Off Needed For A Machine) £52.00
    3132062 Insulation Layer 14MM X 1.0MM £33.00

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