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  • New regulations looming for the vaping industry

    June 25, 2018

    [:en]Terra Universal this week wrote of the expected plans to “issue [new] standardised regulations which vape manufacturers will be expected to follow”, in response to recent studies published by the Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies about “identifying impurities in certain e-liquid brands”.

    Terra Universal outlined likely forthcoming regulations for “maintaining cleanliness in a vape production facility”, and stated that just like makers of dietary supplements, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and more, vape manufacturers will soon “have to conform to extensive guidelines concerning workers’ personal hygiene, machine decontamination techniques and atmospheric/environmental cleanliness standards”.

    The article asserts that “state-of-the-art cleanrooms are the latest devices emerging from the environmental engineering industry”, which are “contaminate-sensitive facilities with controlled, sanitary environments”. Cleanrooms reduce “atmospheric concentrations of particulate matter and microorganisms, through regulation of air flow direction/rate, humidity, temperature and pressurisation”.

    Adelphi are extremely conscious of the standards expected from all the industries they serve (including the vaping and pharmaceutical sectors), and we have our own cleanroom on-site. All Adelphi machinery and equipment is manufactured to pharmaceutical hygiene standards, using industrial grade stainless steel. With the use of our X-ray analyser, we can provide full traceability on our materials, accompanied with the relevant certification. Product contact parts also adhere to these high standards.

    The Adelphi Response is a semi-automatic pneumatically driven bench top volumetric filling machine. Easy to set up, deconstruct and clean, the Response can be semi or fully automated, and is designed to allow up-scaling as business/production requirements increase. All contact parts are manufactured in 316L grade stainless steel, PTFE and Viton, and the all stainless monocoque construction, with curved and sloping surfaces, meets pharmaceutical standard GMP requirements.  Clean, lubricant-free pneumatics, tri-clover hopper connections and a quick strip design combine to ease cleaning, and ensure that the machine will continue to adhere to any new regulations that are created around the mixing and blending of vaping oils.

    To assist with identifying impurities, Adelphi’s Apollo II Liquid Viewer was initially designed for use in pharmaceutical and laboratory environments, but is proving popular in the vaping industry also. It provides a simple method for the detection of visible particles in ampoules, vials, and bottles, and conforms to European Pharmacopoeia Specification 2.9.20 for clients’ peace of mind.

    Adelphi also supply a range of high quality stainless steel process equipment, which includes mixing vessels, buckets, scoops and jugs, all to assist with the manufacturing process of vape oils. All are batch traceable and are pit and crevice free to avoid bug traps.

    Adelphi is exceptionally proud of its products and facilities, and always welcomes customers and contacts to their West Sussex site for tours. If you would like to discuss how Adelphi can assist your vaping business, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1444 472300, or email sales@adelphi.uk.com. Our equipment is designed for use with the manufacture and packaging of liquids into vials, ampoules, syringes, bottles and tubes. If you require supply of the containers themselves, our sister company Adelphi Healthcare Packaging can assist you.


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