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  • Demand pouring in for Adelphi’s Apollo Liquid Viewers

    July 2, 2018

    [:en]Following the recent revamping of one of our most popular product ranges, the Apollo Liquid Viewers, Adelphi Manufacturing are now dispatching to meet the influx of new demands, and are taking more and more orders every day.

    These simple liquid inspection units are popular in laboratory, hospital, research and pharmaceutical environments, and provide a simple method of detection for any visible particulate contamination present in clear liquids contained in ampoules, vials, and bottles.

    Adelphi have sold thousands of the historically popular Apollo units to laboratory and pharmaceutical production facilities all over the world, but last year our Engineering Department worked on implementing redesigns to both units.

    The Apollo I Liquid Viewer now has a hygienic stainless steel frame adjustable to suit individuals’ preferred working height, uses a LED light source for 25-year bulb life, and now is supplied with a convenient storage bag.

    The Apollo II has seen an unprecedented increase in demand since its reworking, and its simple yet innovative features now include:

    • An adjustable lamp unit for comfortable working height
    • Two low energy LED lamps with 25-year bulb life
    • A fold up frame for space saving and easy storage and transportation
    • A removable diffuser for use with coloured glass
    • Intuitive assembly with no tools required
    • Multi-voltage (100 – 240v) for worldwide use

    The unit is operated by simply swirling each individual container in front of both panels, and observing for any particulate contamination unintentionally present in the solution. In front of the black panel, light coloured particulates will be visible, and in front of the white panel, dark coloured particulates will be visible. The Apollo II also conforms to European Pharmacopoeia Specification 2.9.20, which assures clients of a high quality standard and takes the hassle out of purchasing.

    Technical Director Jeremy Hart who oversaw the redesign comments that “the simplicity of the design is what makes the Apollo range such a success; client feedback has been 100% positive, and the orders are flying in. At Adelphi we are committed to excellence, reflected in the design’s conformation to a quality standard held throughout Europe, which means that customers can buy with confidence”.

    For enquiries about the Apollo range or to arrange a discussion with an Adelphi representative, please contact sales@adelphi.uk.com or call +44 (0)1444 472300.

    Apollo I liquid inspection unit          Apollo II liquid inspection unit

    Apollo I                                                                                                          Apollo II[:]

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