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  • Barry M Cosmetics purchase Adelphi Response Automation System

    August 1, 2018

    Barry M Cosmetics, a London based cosmetics manufacturer, have been a long standing customer of filling machinery manufacturer Adelphi for a number of years, and have recently added a new Response Automation Filling Line to their large manufacturing site in Mill Hill, North London.

    Founded by Barry Mero in the early 80’s, Barry M are a leader in their field, manufacturing vivid and vibrant cosmetics at affordable prices. With around 50 staff alone covering production, their products are sold in well-known retailers such as Boots, Superdrug & Tesco.

    Barry M share similar values to Adelphi. Both are family run, and both are extremely proud of their British heritage. Adelphi, like Barry M, aim to produce products of the highest quality. Adelphi feel they are able to do this by sourcing and manufacturing British components to produce filling machinery of the highest standards, which are all manufactured at their state of the art production facility in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

    Installed in 2017, the Response Automation Filling System is the latest machine to be added to Barry M’s busy production facility. Adelphi supplied not only the filling unit, but also a capping station to make up a complete packaging line. This machine was brought in to assist with an increase in production, mainly attributed to an increase in new product development. Discussing this recent increase, Production Manager Greg Suarez commented that “with current consumer trends, products for the face such as foundations, primers and concealers are on the up. There is also a demand for festival themed cosmetics, which include glitter fixer gels. With these all being liquid based, we needed to increase the production capacity with our fillers, and therefore approached Adelphi to offer assistance”.

    Adelphi’s Response fillers are the perfect fit for businesses such as Barry M, where an affordable, semi-automatic filler can be invested in to begin with, and as the need to automate the filling process arises, an Automation Frame can be purchased, which will work with the existing semi-automatic fillers to keep costs down. The Automation Frame will hold up to four Response Fillers, offering the ability to convert into an automatic 8 head filler. The option to start small and add machinery as production demands increase is a theme that Adelphi have carried through to all of their new machine ranges, offering the customer added value with scalability.

    Although other packaging machinery suppliers were considered, the decision to use Adelphi was an easy one to make. With Adelphi filling equipment already in place (as well as previously purchasing the benchtop semi-automatic Response fillers, Barry M also own a TGM tube filler, which is used to fill the full range of lip gloss, as well as the glitter fixer gels), it made sense to stick with a supplier who had proved reliable in the past. Greg commented that “We had an existing relationship with Adelphi’s Sales Director Dean Willis, and he ensured the buying process was simple and the machine would meet our needs. We have the machine producing on average 5,000 units a day on an 8 hour shift, so we needed reliable equipment that wouldn’t let us down, and knowing Adelphi’s machinery as we do, we felt confident this would be achieved. Also the easy operation and its versatility with filling different products would ensure we received maximum benefit and value from the machine”.

    When asked which machine features benefit production the most, Greg commented that “the machine can be adapted quickly to different fill sizes and container types, which benefits us greatly with the variety of products we fill. We also find the change parts on the machine really quick and easy to swap over when we change production runs, so we can keep the machine clean between fills with minimal effort”.

    Being a group of companies, Adelphi is made up of four complementary divisions, so it’s not only packaging machinery Adelphi have been able to assist Barry M with in the past. Barry M also use Adelphi equipment in their manufacturing processes, with stainless steel mixing vessels used in the manufacturing hub, as well as floor standing mixers for production.

    Are you a cosmetics manufacturer looking to increase production? Do you need help sourcing a machine that will meet your needs precisely? If so get in contact with Adelphi on +44(0)1444 472300 or email sales@adelphi.uk.com

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