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    October 25, 2018

    Buying to Last

    Adrian Swindells has written about the importance of acknowledging the bigger picture of lifetime costs in relation to NHS procurement this month, for Building Better Healthcare.

    He asserts that “the importance of considering the expected lifespan… and comparing what might be a higher upfront cost with the saving of replacing it further down the line” is essential.

    “Just as consumers are advised to invest in one or two top-quality, long-lasting investment pieces of clothing”, he writes, “so healthcare organisations are advised to remember that short-term purchases may rapidly become costlier in the long-term.”

    At Adelphi and Pharma Hygiene Products Ltd, we believe it’s better to buy once and buy right. Product quality and material traceability is what sets us apart from our competitors, and ensures customers receive the highest quality goods every time they order.

    Adelphi and PHP have our roots in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, and we have been supplying to the pharmaceutical manufacturing side of a number of key NHS hospitals for many years. One of our most well-documented partnerships is with the pharmacy manufacturing unit at Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital, who own Adelphi ampoule filling machines, PHP stainless steel process vessels, an Apollo II Liquid Inspection Unit and several other smaller-scale pieces of laboratory equipment.

    Our staff are highly knowledgeable with regards to the strict regulations that pharmaceutical manufacturers must adhere to, and GMP standards. Our mixing and storage vessels and stainless steel containers can all be supplied in 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel, and the same applies to the product contact parts on our machinery. With the use of our X-ray analyser, we can provide full traceability on our material accompanied with the relevant certification.

    After all, as Adrian Swindells says, “the price of something today is very different from the cost of something over a lifetime.” Adelphi purchases represent the best long-term choice for your business.

    Buying to Last : To find out how Adelphi and Pharma Hygiene Products can help you, please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1444 472300, or email info@adelphi.uk.com.

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