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  • Local resident donates to charity, in gratitude to Adelphi

    April 16, 2019

    [:en]A local resident has donated money to charity, after the Adelphi Group of Companies waived his fee for remedial structural works to the chimney of his building, that adjoins one of their own.

    Adelphi’s Estates Director Chris Bedford wrote in his communication with the resident that “we are heartened to find a neighbour interested in maintaining the health of the buildings, [but] we do not feel there is any need for you to contribute”.

    The generous resident replied with a suggestion that Adelphi could nominate a charity for him to donate to, in lieu of payment for the building repairs. The Sussex Heart Charity was recommended by Chris and by Adelphi Group chairman Stephen Holroyd; the charity supports care of the heart throughout Sussex, promoting excellence in cardiac related funding, education and research. They funded Automated Defibrillators on two railway stations, and believe that this was the first public access defibrillation programme anywhere in the world.

    As a result of the exchange, the resident has since reached out to contact Chris, saying that “it was very generous of you to cover my share of the costs, thanks again for organising this work, it’s much appreciated. It gave me much pleasure to donate £300 to the Sussex Heart charity. Thanks to the Adelphi Group… for making the world a better place!”


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