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  • Adelphi to attend local Coastal Clean-Up day

    September 2, 2019

    A team of colleagues from the Adelphi Group of Companies will be attending a local beach clean-up day, hosted by Mindful Chef.

    Local beach clean-up days represent a powerful grassroots effort to address environmental concerns and promote community engagement in coastal regions. These events bring together volunteers from all walks of life who share a common commitment to preserving the beauty and health of their local shorelines. Armed with gloves, bags, and a shared sense of environmental responsibility, participants spend the day collecting and properly disposing of litter and debris that have accumulated on the beaches. Beyond the immediate impact of restoring the natural beauty of these coastal areas, local beach clean-up days serve as an educational platform, raising awareness about the detrimental effects of pollution on marine ecosystems. These events foster a sense of community pride and environmental stewardship, encouraging ongoing efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices. By participating in local beach clean-up days, individuals contribute to a cleaner environment, protect wildlife, and play an active role in preserving the natural beauty of their coastal communities for future generations.

    Every day, 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans, meaning that there are now approximately 269,000 tonnes of plastic floating in the sea. Mindful Chef have said of their mission; “we aim to use business as a force for good, putting people and the planet first,” and at Adelphi we strive to do the same. We are proud to support local causes, charities and sustainability initiatives, and our public pledge of company values states that we will “support the local economy and natural environment.”

    Adelphi’s sustainability initiatives, including our eco-friendly production facility The Friary, won the Group two sustainability awards in 2018. We have partnered with SodaStream to reduce staff consumption of single use plastic fizzy drinks bottles, and we have recently entered into the Terracycle recycling scheme, to further improve our carbon footprint.

    Find out more about the Adelphi Group’s sustainability awards here >>>

    The event is taking place on Saturday 14th September. Our Coastal Clean-Up heroes are:

    • Gary – Maintenance Manager
    • Nick A – European Account Manager
    • Kimberley – Customer Service Administrator
    • Frank – Director
    • Ben H – Mechanical Fitter
    • Lorna – Quality Officer
    • Lauren – Accounts Assistant
    • Ben V – Design Engineer
    • Rachel – Marketing Executive

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