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  • Hygienic filling of nested syringes

    October 12, 2020


    Adelphi Manufacturing’s ISO certified, award-winning design team has adapted their XYZ Distributor to hold in place and precisely fill nested syringes.

    The XYZ is designed to be used with the Accuramatic Peristaltic Dispensing Unit – together they create a semi-automatic peristaltic filling machine which offers quick, easy and hygienic filling of vials, small bottles and now syringes.

    Customers’ products only come into contact with the inside of one uninterrupted length of silicone tubing, which will withstand repeated sterilisation. This produces a completely closed system, and eliminates the risk of cross contamination.

    Watch a short video showing the functionality of the XYZ Filler here >>>

    For more information about the XYZ Distributor, please call +44 (0)1444 472300 or email Adelphi Manufacturing >>>

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