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  • ROTA Machinery in Fight Against COVID-19

    January 26, 2021

    ROTA technology fills vaccines worldwide; among them are vaccines against COVID-19 from Moderna and Biontech.

    Adelphi Manufacturing has been the sole representative of ROTA in the UK since 1976. ROTA’s range of high quality ampoule and vial processing equipment is a perfect fit with Adelphi Manufacturing’s own portfolio.

    Wehr, [Baden-Württemberg, Germany] – Researchers, doctors, chemical companies and logistics experts – a vast enterprise is working this year to make vaccination against the novel Coronavirus possible. One of the wheels is turning in Wehr: Coronavirus vaccines are currently being filled worldwide on ROTA Verpackungstechnik’s equipment, including Moderna in France and Biontech/Pfizer in Germany.

    For employees and management of this special machinery manufacturer, the schedule pressure is a particular challenge: “Normally, we need 12 to 14 months from planning to final acceptance. This year it had to be done within nine months – that’s very challenging,” says Managing Director Joachim Delhey. “In the middle of the year it became clear that the packaging companies needed more machines”, Delhey continues.

    But there were no special requirements for the Coronavirus vaccine: “Filling is so fast that special cooling is not necessary,” explains Delhey. “It is more important that the systems fit into the respective clean rooms and that safe filling is guaranteed”. It is also challenging that the production of the Coronavirus vaccines runs in addition to the daily business, and during a pandemic. “Our employees are aware of their responsibility,” says Delhey and is pleased to report that so far there has not been a Coronavirus case in the company.

    Several new lines are now being built. “We are currently manufacturing another line for Mibe. It can fill 18,000 vials per hour,” Delhey explains. Delivery and installation is planned for summer 2021. Another new vial filling line is already on site in Russia. “For the customer we were able to complete the line within only eight months,” Delhey says.

    The vials filled with vaccine are sealed with a rubber stopper and a crimp cap and can thus be delivered to the vaccination centres.

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