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  • Machine Adaptations to Improve Your Output & Accuracy:

    April 29, 2022

    “The speed of filling was greatly increased!” – A recommendation from Riviera Drinks

    The Challenge:
    To fill bag-in-box style containers, where the bag moves around during filling.

    The Solution:
    Adelphi Masterfil’s experienced technical team created a custom neck locator with tighter tolerance, for their classic S5000-S filling machine. This enables the plastic container top to ‘clip’ into place and hold, whilst the free-moving bag inside the static box is filled.

    Watch a video of the machine in-action


    When it comes to liquid filling machinery, one size often does not fit all! That’s why Adelphi Masterfil‘s expert technical team have developed a range of modification options for their standard S5000-S filler, to precisely meet the requirements of every customer…

    Other Popular Adaptions Include:

    Option 1: Twin Head Filling

    Choose our twin head filling option for double the output capacity – up to 5,760 containers per 8 hour shift.


    Option 2: ATEX Filling

    Certified ATEX compliant parts to reduce static, for safe filling of high ethanol-content and other potentially flammable products.


    Masterfil Semi-Automatic Weigh Scale Filling Machine

    Option 3: Weigh Scale Filling

    Fill accuracies comply with DOT weights and measure requirements (DTI Certification No 2001/15) for added quality control

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