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  • Ask the Expert Opportunity for UK Manufacturers

    May 31, 2024

    Ask the Expert Opportunity for UK Manufacturers:
    “It’s been tremendous!”
    Dean’s production consultation enabled 25% productivity improvement at Mayfield Laboratories


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    Dean Willis
    Ask the Expert Hour: Every Monday, 3pm-4pm

    With over 35 years in the industry, Dean understands the challenges faced by pharmaceutical manufacturers. He is offering his time for no-obligation consultations, to support you in achieving your business’ production goals.

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    Mixing/Blending   *   Filling   *   Capping/Sealing   *   Inspection

    Challenges which Dean has already helped customers to overcome include:

    Improving the consistency of fill weights, for greater product efficacy

    ✓ Reducing manual handling, using low-level sensing and automatic top-up of the product

    Accurate dosing, preventing under or overfilling

    Improving consistency of capping/sealing torque, to reduce re-handling and contamination risk

    Connecting mixing vessels to filling machinery, for seamless production with minimal downtime

    Reducing air pockets when filling products


    Offering free production consultations for manufacturers in the UK provides a valuable opportunity for companies to optimize their operations without incurring additional costs. These consultations can identify inefficiencies, suggest improvements, and introduce innovative technologies, thereby enhancing productivity and reducing waste.

    Manufacturers can benefit from expert insights into best practices, tailored advice specific to their industry, and strategies to streamline their production processes. This proactive approach not only fosters continuous improvement and competitive advantage but also supports sustainability goals by promoting resource-efficient practices. Ultimately, free production consultations can drive significant long-term savings and growth for UK manufacturers.

    Book a 20 minute appointment with Dean >>>


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