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    Part of the Adelphi Group of Companies since 1994

    Hygienic, high quality stainless steel laboratory, cleanroom and production equipment

  • Fully Compliant with International Pharma-Quality Standards

    Process equipment for even the most demanding environments, in your choice of 304 or 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel. 93% of our portfolio is available off-the-shelf, for delivery within days.

    Featured Products

  • Storage, Mixing & Transportation Containers

    Hygienic, durable stainless steel storage, mixing & transportation containers, available in 304 and 316L grade material and with a range of modifications to meet every requirement

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  • Churns

    304 and 316L grade stainless steel churns, designed to enable the safe transportation of liquids without risk of contamination

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  • Mixing Containers

    A range of hygienic stainless steel containers, with integrated mixers/agitators and a wide variety of custom and bespoke options

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  • Buckets & Pails

    A range of high quality, durable stainless steel buckets and pails, available in 304 and 316L food and pharmaceutical grade material

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  • Water Jacketed Vessels

    Stainless steel water jacketed vessels, available in 316L pharmaceutical grade material, with a 304 stainless steel 0.1 bar low pressure water jacket

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  • Cans with Lids

    Hygienic and robust stainless steel cans with lids, available in 304 and 316L grade material and with a range of modifications to meet every requirement

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  • Measuring Jugs

    A range of high quality measuring jugs available in 304 and 316L grade hygienic stainless steel

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  • Material Testing & Certification

    In heavily regulated industries, it is critical that we only supply the stated materials. We can supply X-Ray Testing certificates to confirm the grade of stainless steel, and Surface Finish Analysis certificates to prove surface smoothness.

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    Bespoke Development

    A wide range of optional modifications are available to ensure the purchased items will fulfil your requirements to high standards. We offer, for example; bespoke etching, toggle clamps and seals (FDA approved) to make containers airtight, graduations, mobile frames and more. View the full range of modifications here >>>

    Our dedicated technical department offers their expertise to design and build bespoke vessels, including jacketed vessels, low pressure vessels, mixing vessels and complete processing systems.

    Bespoke Stainless Steel Process Equipment

    Our Case Studies


    Hygienic, certified quality mobile vessel gives international E-Liquid manufacturer’s production complete peace of mind

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    Fragrance & Essential Oils

    Guaranteed durability, for production peace of mind 24/7

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    Medicated Confectionery

    Maximised production space and output for medicated confectionery manufacturer

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    Myrobalan Clinic

    The ProFiller 1100 “is worth every penny and completely pays itself back – it’s changed my life” 

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    Nelsons Spatone

    Bespoke solution removes the need for holding-tanks, increasing productivity for Nelsons Spatone

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    NHS Princess Royal Hospital

    Pharma Hygiene Products has been a trusted NHS supplier for over a decade.

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    Our Clients

    The high quality product portfolio and exceptional customer service offered by the Adelphi Group of Companies meets the strict compliance and output requirements of even the largest global brands:

  • “Thanks for your fantastic service with the purchase of this item. I look forward to using Pharma Hygiene Products for our future stainless steel vessel requirements! ”

    - Clive Welham – Ransom Naturals Ltd

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  • “We have been very pleased with the Stainless Steel Chemical Churns from Pharma Hygiene Products; so much so that this is the only vendor we wish to purchase them from. They are durable, well made and it does not take long to receive them, even though they’re made to order. The customer service provided to us was top notch professional, patient and thorough. Very easy to work with. ”

    - Mary Fonseca, Upfield Sourcing US

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  • “The capsule equipment we purchased from you is great quality and working well. Great product, great service. ”

    - Dave Soulsby – Cannadonia Ltd

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