E-liquids & CBD Oils

Liquid Filling Machinery

Adelphi are leading suppliers of filling and capping machinery to the Vaping/E-Liquid and CBD Oil industry. We offer a range of machinery to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets, from semi-automatic filling and capping options, to fully automatic machines and turnkey lines.

Our Response Monobloc Filler is an automatic filling and capping machine capable of filling 3ml to 250ml containers, designed specifically for our customers in the E-Liquids and CBD Oils industry.

We also supply a bench top peristaltic filler for small batch production of vaping oils into bottles, offering exceptional levels of accuracy.


Hygienic Process Equipment

Adelphi Group company Pharma Hygiene Products Ltd can assist with the manufacturing process of E-liquids and CBD oils, with our high quality stainless steel mixing vessels and utensils. Heavily used in the pharmaceutical and food industry, these products will adhere to any new regulations that are created around the mixing and blending of vaping oils with flavourings.

Our range of stainless steel mixing and storage containers and vessels are available in 304 and 316L grade stainless steel. Containers can be supplied either plain or graduated, and come complete with side handles and skirtband. They have crevice and pit-free interiors and are polished throughout for exceptional levels of hygiene. We also offer a tilted mobile frame for decanting from your vessel, which has been specifically designed for clients in the E-liquid and CBD oil industry.


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