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    316L Stainless Steel


    Manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel, with a PTFE seal/stem seal, PHP Tri-Clamp ball valves are 100% air tested under water at 100 psi in open and closed positions
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    Product No. Description Material Price
    BAL60.5 0.5" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve 316L SS £94.00
    BAL60.75 0.75" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve 316L SS £99.00
    BAL61 1" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve 316L SS £119.00
    BAL61.5 1.5" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve 316L SS £177.00
    BAL62 2" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve 316L SS £240.00
    BAL62.5 2.5" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve 316L SS £391.00
    BAL63 3" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve 316L SS £577.00
    BAL64 4" Tri-Clamp Ball Valve 316L SS £879.00

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    Durable, Easy to Sterilise, Re-Useable

    Delivery within Days

    Full Material Traceability

    to meet international pharma and food quality compliance regulations.

    Easy to assemble and breakdown, Tri-Clamp fittings are ideal for applications requiring an easy method of cleaning to maintain optimum levels of hygiene. Their smooth crevice- and pit-free interiors offer non-contaminating, superior corrosion resistance and long service life.

    Pharma Hygiene Products’ Tri-Clamp fittings comprise a series of pipes and unisex joints, which are available welded or as separate elements. A gasket is sandwiched between joints and the union is completed with a clamp to create a leak-tight seal.

    Our range includes 316L grade stainless steel fittings with outside pipe diameters from ½ inch to 4 inches. Gaskets are available in Silicone, Viton® and EPDM, and full material certification is available on all PHP Tri-Clamp fittings. All product contact surfaces have a surface roughness of 0.8Ra.

    X-Ray Testing certificates to confirm the grade of stainless steel are available upon request.

    To enquire about modifications or certification options, please contact our team directly: 01444 472300, info@pharmahygieneproducts.com

    Product Specification:

    • 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel
    • Outside pipe diameter 0.5 – 4 inch available as standard
    • Hydrostatic test pressure:
      – ½” – 2″ valve 1,5000 psi
      – 2½” – 4″ valve 1,200 psi
    • 316L grade stainless steel, contains 2% molybdenum to help resist corrosion from chlorides
    • 100% air tested underwater at 100 psi, in open and closed positions
    • Can be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants, and in industrial dishwashers/autoclaves
    • Optional Material Grade and Surface Finish certification available upon request

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