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    July 16, 2018

    Brexit and Healthcare Industry Regulations

    “The medical sector is in a state of significant uncertainty,” noted Paul Brooks, Executive Director of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society in a recent interview with Building Better Healthcare. “It is difficult to forecast what the wider economic and logistical impacts will be on the pharmaceutical and medical device industries within the UK and the EU, as well as manufacturers outside the EU and UK wishing to place products onto the UK market.”

    With this in mind, Adelphi are looking to the future, and are extremely conscious of the standards expected from all the industries they serve, including the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.
    All our staff are highly knowledgeable with regards to the strict regulations that pharmaceutical manufacturers must adhere to, as well as GMP standards, and we are proud to count the NHS as a valued client. All Adelphi machinery and equipment is manufactured to UK pharmaceutical hygiene standards, using industrial grade stainless steel, and in response to recent legislative speculation we have built our own dedicated ‘clean area’ on-site to ensure the continued compliance of our products in the future. With the use of our X-ray analyser, we can provide full traceability on our materials, accompanied with the relevant certification for customers’ peace of mind. All our product contact parts also adhere to these high standards.

    Adelphi’s Apollo II Liquid Viewer was specifically designed to conform to European Pharmacopoeia Specification 2.9.20. It provides a simple method for the detection of visible particles in ampoules, vials, and bottles, and has been in unprecedented demand since the Brexit vote. Technical Director Jeremy Hart said of the Apollo II that “the simplicity of the design is what makes the Apollo range such a success; client feedback has been 100% positive. At Adelphi we are committed to excellence, reflected in the design’s conformation to a quality standard held throughout Europe, which means that customers can buy with confidence now and in the future”.

    Adelphi’s entire range of high quality stainless steel process equipment is batch traceable, and are pit and crevice free to avoid bug traps and ensure hygiene regulations continue to be met. These include mixing vessels, buckets, scoops, funnels, instrument boxes, beakers, jugs and more, and thousands are already used with confidence in laboratory and pharmaceutical production facilities all over the world.

    In the wake of the Brexit decision, Adelphi are leading the way for British manufacturing, and are proud to report a growing UK customer base who want to ‘buy local’ rather than outsourcing abroad. We are exceptionally proud of our products and facilities, and are always pleased to welcome customers and contacts to our West Sussex site for tours. If you would like to see how Adelphi can help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1444 472300, or email sales@adelphi.uk.com.

    Apollo II liquid inspection unit

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